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Humans have energy. There is the well understood energy we get from water and foods and there is the mysterious energy, or psychic mind, body, and spirit energy we have in us that is harder to define. This spiritual energy has been called chi, prana, and etheric energy by various authorities on the subject. If you want to know how to increase your own vital inner energy read on.Our modern society is built on logic and reasoning. This is good as it allows us to enjoy a high level of material comfort. But there is the more mysterious esoteric side of energy we all know is there yet seldom use.How often has our intuition told us to go one way,when we had a choice, but logic told us the opposite way is better, and then we live to regret it because our inner promptings and feelings were right all along? This is intuition and many make the mistake of not listening to it.We can get better at tuning into our feelings. We can get better at tuning into our intuition and make wiser choices. Here are some practical mind, body, and spirit solutions:1. Declutter Your Associates. This might at first seem cold but let me explain. What I am talking about here are the associates who drain you, who take energy more than they give, and the psychic vampires who drain you on purpose.In the beginning we find this one hard. We believe it is nice to keep all of our friends for life. This is simply not true. We want to have caring, compassionate, and respectful associates in all walks of life. It pays to review friends for the energy they have and the psychic vibrations they bring into your life. It makes living life more fun. Dare, I say, a lot easier.Taking stock of and reviewing all of our current friends and associates allows us to show the universe how much we respect our own inner energy. By being respectful of our inner mind and spirit our energy begins to grow in positive directions.2. Develop Personal Good Habits. We all do actions that create positive energy. Take note of what these are. Talking to upbeat people, walking in the fresh air, and reading inspiring materials are all positive.3. Develop a Spiritual Practice. Meditation, prayer, and community works are examples of deeper meaningful actions expressed into life. Everyone has their favorite as no two people are alike. Pursue personal growth actions that mean something to you. This is a favorite among many to increase inner psychic energy.The value in having more positive vibrations in one’s life is that it lets you do more of what you wish to do. It means accomplishment becomes possible. It is a fun way to live.4. Carry Crystals. Crystal like the black tourmaline deflect negative energy back to its source. They work well when you carry them in your pocket or wear them. Many who work on developing their psychic mind, body, and spirit energy carry black tourmaline crystals.

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